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    Live Tracking from
    Any Where

    Easy to use, feature rich web based application, with no down time,
    accessible from any computer without any hardware or software
    installation. Live updates of single vehicle or the entire fleet
    status in a single view solution

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    Fleet Expenses

    Our efficient vehicle monitoring system helps the operators
    identify key factors such as excessive idling, over speeding, unwanted
    air-conditioner usage. nTrackLive keeps track of such key vehicle
    parameters and helpoperators reduce their fleet expenses.

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    Fuel Cost

    Our nTrackLive solution helps eliminates costly fuel activities the moment you start using it.
    Improving operational performance is a great challenge for the fleet owners,
    timely arrivals/departures, penalties and unwanted stoppages are
    some of the major constraints which effect the operations. !

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    Online Customer Care
    24x7 Live Support

    nTrackLive helps you respond to customer needs faster and
    with greater accuracy. Improve dispatching, increase customer
    satisfaction andsave valuable company time. Improve your response
    to customer needs in two ways: by using vehicle tracking to improve
    dispatching andby ensuring employees complete their jobs in a timely manner.

Welcome to nTrack Live

The nTrackLive vehicle tracking system helps our customers to drive down their fleet operating costs while improving operational performance. Our customers have experienced a dramatic increase in productivity, substantial fuel savings and greatly reduced unauthorized events and at the same time ensuring complete transparency in their fleet operations through our nTrackLive System.

Our solution, delivered using software-as-a-service (SaaS) model on Microsoft Azure platform, provides our customers anytime access to real-time data for their fleet at an affordable cost. The system provides timely alerts and notifications for all un-authorized events.    Read more

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