Increase Fleet Utilization

nTrackLive provides you tools that can greatly improve fleet productivity. The solution helps eliminate inefficiencies, saving the drivers/technicians time and providing them the ability to pick up more jobs in a day and increase your profits.

Reduce fleet expenses

Our efficient vehicle monitoring system helps the operators identify key factors such as excessive idling, over speeding, unwanted air-conditioner usage. nTrackLive keeps track of such key vehicle parameters and helpoperators reduce their fleet expenses.

Improve Fuel Management

Our nTrackLive solution helps eliminates costly fuel activities the moment you start using it.

Improve Fleet Safety and Security

nTrackLive gives you the peace of mind of knowing where your assets are at all times. By monitoring your drivers' speed and location, you can correct unsafe behavior before it leads to more serious issues. The solution also providespanic buttons for emergency situations.

Improves operational performance and reduces operation costs

Improving operational performance is a great challenge for the fleet owners, timely arrivals/departures, penalties and unwanted stoppages are some of the major constraints which effect the operations. nTrackLive helps the fleet operators to identify the gaps and notify the issues as and when it happens. Excessive halt reports, alerts and route replay features can be used as an evidence to avoid penalties.

Improve Customer Service

nTrackLive helps you respond to customer needs faster and with greater accuracy. Improve dispatching, increase customer satisfaction and save valuable company time. Improve your response to customer needs in two ways: by using vehicle tracking to improve dispatching and by ensuring employees complete their jobs in a timely manner.

Reduces manpower and eliminates employee fraud

nTrackLive allows transparency in operations, fleet owners can know the activities of employees working. Manpower in maintenance can be reduced as the system provides live information to the owners, fraud activities such as unauthorized driving, tampering, kilometer difference, over speeding can easily identified using nTrackLive.

Provides evidence to support insurance claims

nTrackLive provides various options such as emergency messages, calls and panic alarm buttons to notify the fleet owners about accidents or any other hazardous situations. Accident alarms help the fleet operators to identify the vehicles in case of vehicle mishap. The recorded alarms can be used as an evidence for insurance claims.

Reduce carbon footprint

There is pressure on businesses with vehicle fleets to reduce their carbon footprint. nTrackLive can help your business adopt greener practices and help save the planet.