Burgeoning travel demand far exceeds the limited supply of transport infrastructure and services. Public transport, in particular, has been completely overwhelmed. Most bus services are overcrowded, undependable, slow, inconvenient, uncoordinated, and dangerous. Various performance parameters and ranking system designed by nTrackLive ensures High Productivity, Greater ROI and High Operational Performance. It provides real time information to the customer such as Expected Time of Arrivals, Departures and the system can also be integrated with online and in shuttle ticketing system.

Safety and Punctuality are the key factors in employee transportation especially in IT/BPO Industry. Operators can hold command & control over the fleet using nTrackLive. nTrackLive helps you to decide on the pickup vehicle on halting or to proceed without picking up an employee who is late. Re- planning of route helps the operators to pick up the missed or a replacement employee, when hundreds of employees are being picked in a short span. Our effective solution helps you to avoid delays across the chain. Operators are facilitated to plan security of female employees especially in case of first pick up and last drop. Our advanced solution helps the operators to show evidence in case of delays from employee end to avoid penalties.

Ensuring student safety is a challenge for schools and parents in this hectic world especially while they are travelling. School Bus Management involves a great deal of logistics and scheduling, nTrackLive helps in various aspects such as Route Planning, Speed Zones, Harsh Driving, Unauthorized driving, Vehicle Breakdown or any panic events can be attended quickly.

nTrackLive is specialized in providing nTrackLive solutions for Logistics and Truck Management services in remote regions across the world. Remote Operations, Efficient Asset Utilization and Competitive Edge are some of the benefits of the solutions. The system ensures the fleet operators to continuously monitor the movement of fleet and ensure smooth operations. Our Dynamic Routing System helps the fleet operators to assign routes to the vehicles and alerts are generated in case of route deviations by the vehicles.

Minimizing the emergency response time is a tough task for the emergency services such as Police, Ambulance, Rescue teams and Fire Services. nTrackLive provides a reliable technology to closely monitor the emergency vehicles and provide services in case of emergencies. Finding Shortest Routes, Geofence Marking, Panic Alarm Facility are some of the key features of the system.